Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30-Day Paleo Challenge: Day 3

Once a month at school, I'm in charge of organizing a 6th grade teacher luncheon.  This gathering is a celebration for anyone on our hallway whose birthday happened to be that month.  Honestly though, it's really just a nice, relaxing time to all get together and enjoy each others company (we're usually incredibly busy, and always have students' in our classrooms, even at lunch). 

When the time arrived, I was a little nervous.  Obviously, having very recently changed my eating habits, I really thought that the variety of food was going to present a challenge.  The reason I felt this way was because I knew what people usually liked to bring.  Luckily though, I planned ahead and made this month's luncheon a build your own salad.  Therefore, when it came time to eat, I was so good!  I completely stuck to the meal plan I created and wasn't even tempted by the cupcakes, breads, soda, etc. that was laid out on the table. 

So here's how today looked for me.......

Menu for Day 3:

Breakfast: Western Omelet
Lunch: Leftover Spinach Fajita Salad
Snack: 100 Calorie Pack of Emeralds Almonds, 2 Slices Canadian Bacon
Dinner: Chicken Stir Fry (with Broccoli, Red and Green Peppers, Garlic)

Overall, I had absolutely no sweet cravings today!  I even passed out a whole bunch of chocolate pieces to my students, as a reward.  They didn't even look appealing.  Now that's progress, at least for me! 

Western Omelet
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4 eggs – 2 whole, 2 egg whites only
¼ tsp. chili powder
3 slices Canadian bacon, cut into pieces
¼ cup, combination of red and green peppers, chopped
5-6 pieces of baby spinach, chopped (I just tore with my hands)
Black pepper for garnish

Combine the eggs and the chili powder in a small bowl and whisk together. 

Spray a small skillet with PAM olive oil, place over a medium-low heat, and pour in the eggs.  Once the eggs begin to cook, choose a side and add on the Canadian bacon, peppers, and spinach.  Using a spatula, flip the half of the egg mixture without the ingredients, onto the side containing the ingredients.  This will seal them in.  After allowing the omelet to cook for about 1 minute on the one side, use a spatula and flip the omelet over to the other side.  Allow to cook for about another minute, and then transfer to a plate.  Garnish with some fresh black pepper and enjoy!


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