Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 Day Paleo Challange: Day 15

I can't believe that today already marks the 15th day of my challenge, which leads me to wonder, where's the time gone?  Truthfully, it really seems like just yesterday that I began eating Paleo.  Overall though, I'd have to say that things are going well!  Not only am I constantly feeling healthy and full, but I've actually managed to lose a few inches (without exercise), and haven't been craving junk food.  I even went grocery shopping today and had no problems buying certain food items for Jeff, that I knew I wouldn't be able to eat myself.

I feel it's important to point out though, that when eating Paleo, as with any other diet for that matter, it really does become easier once you make it over the initial hump and your body has a chance to detox and reset itself.  The first few days are definitely the worst, especially when it comes to food cravings.  However, if you plan to stick with it and don't cave, I know that you can and will succeed. 
Failure is a choice, it doesn't just happen, so decide right now that you're not going to.

Random side note:  I'm so happy to be home again, because now I can go back to creating and eating from a set menu and share some new recipes, although it's very difficult to believe spring break 2013 is already over.  As with any break from work, it went by too incredibly fast.  I guess that means the countdown to summer can commence!


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