Wednesday, April 3, 2013

30 Day Paleo Challenge: Day 11

Let me start by saying that there's no recipe following today's post.  Mostly this is due to the fact that I'm on my spring break, and haven't been doing much cooking.  Well, actually I have, but nothing too fancy, and I don't have my camera with me to take photos. 

I can't believe that I'm already on day 11 of this challenge!  Time seems to be flying by, and I'm honestly feeling great and continue to resist so many temptations!  It's all about will power, and each day it becomes easier.  I actually even got out my tape measure this morning, to record my inches, and noticed that I've gone down a little bit; not much, but some.  I was really somewhat surprised by this too, mostly because I haven't been moving around much; less than 3,000 steps a day actually.  This is due to the fact that the tendon in my leg has started to act up again (apparently I've been making too many quick movements, no exercising though).  Due to this I'm definitely taking it easy, mostly because I really, really, really, want to get back to working out.  It's something that I greatly miss and feel incomplete when I'm not able to do so.  Most people I'm surrounded by, who also enjoy to exercise, know and completely understand where I'm coming from and they're constantly encouraging me that it'll get better soon.  For the time being though, it's very frustrating; mostly because it's out of my control and I don't like it.

This is why the Paleo challenge has been so helpful.  I know that I can be somewhat of a control freak and I love a good challenge!  It has definitely been keeping me distracted and has also made not being able to workout somewhat easier. When I get home on Saturday, I'll be making a new menu, and will get back to posting recipes.  Recently I've found so many delicious looking Paleo ones that I can't wait to try out.  I'll keep you posted (Yes, pun intended)!


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